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Mandrake women silver earrings with citrine                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Price $60.00
E-Mandrake (from the Poison Collection)
Sterling silver earrings with citrine…Inspired by the most important magical plant of the Middle Ages. It was given to patients as an anesthetic for surgical procedures, but if not dosed correctly, it would put them into a permanent sleep. Its golden-yellow fruits are narcotic, but mandrake was more famed for its human-looking roots which charlatans claimed screamed when pulled out of the earth. These ‘Mandrake Men’ and ‘Mandrake Women’ were sold as talismans to attract love or luck or to ward off evil and misfortune.
Comes with Universal EZ backs!  Earring back is a sterling silver earnut encased with hypoallergenic clear silicone.